SB Drive

In this real photo postcard of a “Drive Near Silver Bay” by Jesse Sumner Wooley, I couldn’t quite make out what the two young women were holding until I enlarged the image. By gosh, it’s a Kodak!

SB Kodak

And they’re sharing it. Sumner had a photography shop in Ballston Spa, so it makes sense that he would have the latest camera equipment. I would guess these are his daughters.




Richard Cary Morse, for whom Morse Hall is named, had this to say about reading letters addressed to his daughter:

“I recognize the sacredness of the seal & the seal of [my daughter’s] letters no less than others… But I take it for granted that she has all confidence in me, & that her secrets… are safe in her father’s keeping.”

Quoted in The Postal Age (2006) by David M. Henkin