Many Thrills

Canoe on Lake George SB

On a postcard sent from Silver Bay in June of 1917, Doris writes, “I am here with the Mount Holyoke delegates having a grand time. Many thrills. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you in Springfield. I’ll see you there soon. Bring Stanley.” Photo by Jesse Sumner Wooley.


Three by Wooley

Bathing Beach

Three postcards by Jesse Sumner Wooley; on the far right above, you can see the roof running the length of the steamboat pier.

Overlook Girls

YWCA members on the porch of Overlook, with banners for the Boston YWCA and what may be Rochester.

auditorium vertical

J.S. Wolley

Wolley Cover

Those interested in Silver Bay history are familiar with the name and work of Jesse Sumner Wooley, and the publication of J.S. Wooley: Adirondack Photographer, edited by Richard Timberlake and Philip Terrie, is in every way a cause for celebration. The book includes a generous chapter on Silver Bay, as well as many, many more beautiful photographs of Lake George. Below, just a sample:

Wooley Baseball

Middlebury vs. West Point, 1920

Wooley Launch Trip

Launch trip, 1910

Wooley Pageant

A 1910 pageant; perhaps those tablets bear the Ten Commandments.

Wooley Slivers

Slivers, the Famous Clown, 1908

Wooley Swimmers


Wooley Wedding

A Silver Bay wedding