Fell in the Lake

Inn Linen

In June of 1936, Martha wrote home, “Arrived ever so safely and happily. Fell in the lake first thing with traveling clothes on. Ripped dress. Am now sewing 3 small holes in it. Will take it to tailor tomorrow who will press for $.40. Joined choir. Good dinner. Please send (Pronto!!!!) bathing suit. $2.98 Rosenbaum’s 1st floor or Gorton’s basement. You see I have already tested water. Will appreciate all mail.” And in light pencil, “Please send brown leather belt too.” As for the card, I really enjoy the man on the bench in the foreground.

Inn Linen MAN



Stoddard 1

“Dear Dorothy, I wish you were here to gather chestnuts but we would have to look about as they are very scarce this year. With love, Aunt Ann S.” Published in 1903, this Seneca Ray Stoddard postcard is especially interesting to me because it was illustrated on both sides.

Stoddard 2

And I wonder if this image was a Stoddard signature or logo…

Stoddard 2 CU

Patriotic Day

SB Patriotic

Patriotic Day, Friday, August 12, 1910, saw representatives of 17 nations attending the YMCA’s conference of Christian Workers, here lined up in front of Silas Paine’s museum, today’s Morse Hall. I have no idea about the slips of paper they are holding, or the young girl who is reviewing them. And below, a grand view of the Grand March.

Grand March

Can anyone tell me where Jesse Sumner Wooley and/or his camera were placed to take this picture?