This is a blog for two groups of people: those who love the Silver Bay Association — the YMCA’s Northeastern Conference Center on Lake George, New York — and those who have enjoyed the Lutheran Summer Conference at Silver Bay, the third week of July since 1934 (except for 1945, but I’m not here to quibble).

Your thoughts, prose and photos are welcome; send them to Kihm Winship at akihmbo@gmail.com.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your blog. I love it. My uncle Dr. Carl Folkemer was the keynote speaker at the Lutheran Conference in the early 1950’s. My family joined him and we’ve returned every year since. My wife and I were Emps in the early 60’s. She was the interim CEO in 2005 and now chairs the board. I’m heading our capital campaign. Thanks for the blog and for your support of Silver Bay.

  2. Hello Kimh,
    What a wonderful blog. These are lovely pictures and your accompanying stories are great. My wife and I met as Emps and were married at Silver Bay. My kids and I will be Emping this summer continuing a family tradition that goes back a number of generations. I saw pictures from a number of my relatives (Penfield family) adorning your pages. I look forward to saying “Hello” to you at the Lutheran Conference this year.

    • Chuck, One of my favorite things is to hear from Silver Bay emps and family members. Glad you’re enjoying the blog, and I look forward to meeting you in July. And if I can get a pdf made for the publisher, there will be a book based on the blog ready by then. Best, Kihm

  3. And this is also a blog for Silver Bay “wannabees”! Wish I were there with you this week. I received your book, read the first story, checked out the fabulous index and noticed the reference to this blog… then proceeded to spend much time enjoying ALL the pictures, photos, postcards and especially the commentary. Kudos to one awesome author and a hug for his wife! Miriam

  4. This is wonderful. Can’t believe it took me so long to find you.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful histories and memories of this place we love so well! Keep up the good work.

  5. I have very much enoyed reading your books on Skaneateles. I have been doing research on my Snook family from Skaneteles and your books were wonderful to read. But I would like to know if I my have permission to use two pictutres to post on familysearch.org. They would be from your book The Windows of St. James Skaneateles. The picture of the Burnett window and the picture of Albert De Cost Burnett.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  6. I have enjoyed reading the Windows of St. James Skaneateles and Skaneateles and st. James. I have been doing research on my Snook family in Skaneateles. I would like permission to use two pictures from the The Window of St. James to post with the snook family information on familysearch.org The pictures are the stained glass window about the Burnett family and the picture of Albert De Cost Burnett.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and reading more of your books.

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