Last Resort

SB Hunting

“After hunting around for stationery have resorted to this. Will write soon as I sure did enjoy your letter. Will be home in about a week.” The card is by Paul Koeber, and a gem.

The Athletic Field

SB Tennis TrackTwo views of Lake George and the athletic field, before Fisher Gymnasium was built in 1916, in photos by J.S. Wooley. Note the progress the steamer made on the lake while he was shifting his camera.

SB athletic-field


SB Sleep copy

I love this one for the message:

“Dear Cora, I wish awfully that you were here — Some of the Holyoke girls are working in the dining room for all summer but don’t get much of the Conference. We are having a fine time, needless to say, but I simply want to sleep every minute! Things are too full to sleep much. Address me after Sat. at Randolph, Mass. Love, Mary”