Silver Bay Forward!

Bro 1

A fund-raising brochure from 1936, with photographs by William Terzian.

Bro 2

Bro 3

Bro 4

Bro 5

Bro 6

Bro 7

Bro 8

Bro 9

Center Complete 660

Bro 12

Bro 13

Bro 14

Bro 15

Bro 16

Bro 17

Bro 18

Bro 19

Bro 20

I have high-resolution scans of all these pages; if you would like them for archival purposes, please contact me at


One thought on “Silver Bay Forward!

  1. Thanks Kihm, that was great. Reminds and enforces to me what Silver Bay means to my family and myself. The information and plea are still so relavent today. I love the $s down to the penny. Sometimes I get a little ho-hum because we’re kind of close to Silber Bay and get to drive through several rimes a year. This reminded me just how special the place is and how much history my family has up there. We’ve had a connection since 1942. My earliest memory is my Father picking us up in a brand new 1957 Chevy. I’m not sure if that was my first year. Three brothers and a sister were EMPs there. Thanks again Mr. Winship!

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