Sunday Morning

SB Terzian Aud

Terzian postcard, people returning to the Inn from the Helen Hughes Chapel

Malcolm Graeme Duncan

Silver Bay Map Hi Res

I’ve long wondered about the artist who created this map, but only recently discovered that he wasn’t an artist, but rather an Emp and an architect. Malcolm Graeme Duncan (1907-1994) studied painting and drawing at the Yale School of Fine Arts from 1924 to 1929. He then worked as a draftsman for a New York architect by day and attended NYU’s architecture school at night, until returning to Yale to earn his BFA in Architecture, graduating in 1935.


At Silver Bay, his artwork appears in August of 1927, on a program cover for that summer’s historical pageant. In August of 1929, the Emps presented two one-act plays; a quartet sang during intermission; Duncan was the tenor. In 1935, he had a leading role in the operetta H.M.S. Pinefore, given in front of a yacht in Lake George Village, with the musical director from Silver Bay guiding the 45 actors and members of the chorus.

The date on the map is a tad unclear, but I’m guessing it’s 1935. Duncan’s relationship with Silver Bay continued. As an architect, he designed Parlin Memorial Dorm, completed in 1952.

I’ve tried to keep the map large enough to read; double-click on the image to see the high-res file, complete with an appearance by the Lake George Monster, which tells us something about Duncan’s sense of humor.