A Trip to Fort Ticonderoga, 1902

Adele,Bud & parents-On their way to Ft. Ticonderoga- 1902- 2

An easy drive today, a trip from Silver Bay to Fort Ticonderoga required a little more patience and stamina in 1902. Shown above, embarking on the journey, are George and Ida Hepbron and their children, George II and Adele.

Adele & parents- Ft. Ticonderoga-1902- 2

Perched on a wall, George, Adele and Ida Hepbron at Fort Ticonderoga.

Abandoned in 1781, and used by the locals as an informal source of building supplies, the fort was a ruin in 1902. But seven years after the Hepbrons’ visit, restoration was begun by Stephen H.P. and Sarah G. T. Pell. Attending a dedication ceremony in July of 1909 was President William Howard Taft.

Taft at Fort Ti

Taft joined a colorful list of visitors that included Ethan Allen, Major John André, Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, and “Mad Anthony” Wayne. Plan your visit at the Fort Ticonderoga website and you can join the list as well.

*  *  *

My thanks again to Susan (Hepbron) Tantum for sharing these early Hepbron family photos.

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