Back at Silver Bay, 1941

SB Last Felicia

This is the last of the Terzian cards I found that were sent to Felicia Gressitt; it is now August of 1941, and she has returned from Japan, perhaps at the urging of her father who remained in Yokohama throughout the war. (He survived the Tokyo and Yokohama bombings that took tens of thousands of lives, but died in November of 1945 “from unfortunate conditions connected with his residence in Japan during the war, followed by an attack of pneumonia from which he was not strong enough to recover.”) But back to Felicia: By 1941 she had married Kurt Karl Bock (who went by Charles K. Bock once the war started), and this postcard reached her in New York City:

“Dear Felicia, Rumor has it that you two have been around these parts recently! Mother did so enjoy that nice visit with you. I have a letter from months ago from you which which I’ve had with me all summer. I’d answer, but perhaps I can do it in person. I’ll be going thru N.Y.C. in a couple of weeks and we must get together. I do want to meet Kurt. Love, Teddy”

Felicia Gressitt Bock is remembered today by a Chair in Asian Studies at Mount Holyoke.


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