A Card for Felicia, 1

SB Flea 1

This postcard by William Terzian was the first of a packet of cards given to Felicia Gressitt when she was sailing to Japan in 1937 to rejoin her parents and teach at a Japanese college. The daughter of a Baptist missionary, James Fullerton Gressitt, Felicia was born in Tokyo, and was in the U.S. to study at Mount Holyoke (Class of ’36). These postcards were given to her by Mary E. Reed, a dietician at Silver Bay, who explained as follows:

“Dear Felicia, This is a little game for you to play the first few days after you leave San Francisco. Each day read one and enjoy the picture. They are numbered and the reason for following the order given is that thruout the season they follow along special events which I connect with you. I shall always think of Odell’s Island in connection with the picnic supper I had there when Hamp started to row you, Virginia Straus and myself across, and you got out at Slim Point. It was so lovely of you to want me to go that day and I so thoroly enjoyed it. As ever, M.E.R.”

I have cards 1,2, 5 and 6, and will try to post one each day.


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