Silver Bay to Uncas

SB Road to Uncas

I’ll bet this was quieter than Route 9.

A Visit to Fort Ticonderoga

SB Fort Ti Ruins

Many visitors to Silver Bay have taken the time to go up to Ticonderoga to see the historic fort, but for those who went before its restoration began in 1909, this was what awaited them. Thanks must go to Stephen H.P. Pell, and the full story is here.



I have no idea why these four women are lined up in front of another woman who is holding what appears to be a sword, and why they are in dark dresses while everyone else appears to be wearing white. But I am fairly sure they’re not going to be executed, because I would have read about that.

Governor Hughes Visits, 1909

SB Hughes Reception Line

The reception line of YMCA men awaiting the arrival of New York Governor Charles Evans Hughes.

SB Hughes plus Escort

Governor Hughes, in a dark suit, strides up to the Inn; I am fairly certain the man with the white side whiskers and his hat in his hand is Richard Cary Morse, for whom Morse Hall is named.

SB Governor Hughes

The reception line, which has fallen in behind the Governor, sings “Onward Christian Soldiers” as they pass in review, while the Governor greets men on the podium.

One of the lines from the Governor’s speech that day was “The striking feature of our present-day life is the constant search for reality.” These images are from a trove of Jesse Sumner Wooley postcards up on eBay.