A Dean Rarity

RarityA 1981 Dean postcard used as an RSVP for a dinner of the White Birch Club. Doug Wilson writes, “I happen to have a similar card in my collection. Mine was for the Annual WHITE BIRCH CLUB Fellowship dinner on August 8, 1984. Here is a description of the White Birch Club from a 2014 Silver Bay information guide: ‘Planned Giving through White Birch – Consider a simple will bequest, naming Silver Bay as a beneficiary of your IRA, life insurance or real estate. No minimum commitment is needed to join White Birch. Just inform Silver Bay in writing about your planned gift.’ They do not do a dinner anymore, but there is a reception this coming Tuesday.  The people on the front of the card are dining in what we today know as Gullen Lounge. Before 1984, when the present dining room opened, this was the main dining room.” Thank you, Doug!


2 thoughts on “A Dean Rarity

  1. Dear Kihm,

    Thanks for an informative blog on Silver Bay! I am a third generation summer resident with a cottage on Sabbath Day Point and really enjoy the old photos and notes from a conference attendant’s perspective. One note about the White Birch Club: I am not sure this is the same club as the conservation one from Schenectady. Silver Bay’s White Birch Club is for members who have agreed to remember the Association in their will. There are one or two dinners (now usually cocktail hours) a summer. The postcard could be for that.

    Just a thought. Please keep the posts coming!

    Best wishes,

    • Kaley, I’m delighted to hear from you. I’ll have to check the postcard for address and any additional info. Just home from Silver Bay; had a wonderful week. I’ve only been to Sabbath Day Point once, but my wife and I agreed it would be a wonderful place to spend many, many summers. Kihm

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