Silver Bay Song, 1916

“As I write, the songs of the various college delegations are borne in turn to me from the green before the hotel; every evening the girls gather there immediately after dinner in delegation groups and spring on one another their new songs, chiefly in celebration of Silver Bay, which they have prepared during the year; each evening, too, some dramatic stunt, of the burlesque order usually, is offered by one of the delegations…

“Just now the hundreds of clear, blending voices are singing together the Silver Bay song to the tune of ‘A Perfect Day:’

“Tis the hour when gather as one big clan
When the sun sinks low in the west,
And the night creeps down o’er the mountain tops
As we sing songs we love the best;

“Though our Alma Maters receive our praise
For the gifts we can never repay,
We learn right here of a broader love,
Tis the Spirit of Silver Bay.

“For at Silver Bay all good-will abounds
And we meet on common ground;
As the years go by we shall not forget
The friends that we have found;

“Come cheer Silver Bay as the shadows fall
Let us think what we mean when we say
That the spirit of Love means a world of peace
Tis the Spirit of Silver Bay.

— From a letter written by the Rev. Francis T. Brown of Yonkers, N.Y., excerpted in The Yonkers Statesman, July 6, 1916.

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