The Tech Crowd


In the summer of 1922, the Industrial Relations Conference at Silver Bay provided the opportunity for an impromptu college reunion. Among the 350 delegates were a handful of graduates from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, of Worcester, Massachusetts.

“Hall, ’07, has been in China most of the past fifteen years, doing a great work as secretary in the Foreign Department of the Y.M.C.A. He and ‘Win’ Hall, ’02, ever active brothers, represented two sides of the globe. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smith, a jovial couple, added much zest to the occasion. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Packard, 1908 classmates of the Normal Art School, Boston, had not seen each other since their graduation till they met at Silver Bay. Vernon King, ’09, came late, but was all the same welcome. Hedlund, somewhat hidden in the picture, showed the true Tech spirit. But our real leaders were that fine looking couple in the front row, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Newcomb, ’80, progressive and optimistic, close followers of the doctrine of service.”

Roland A. Packard, ’08, author of the piece, added, “Silver Bay, located about 28 miles from the southern end of Lake George, and a three-hours’ sail from Lake George Landing, is a paradise on earth. The beautiful mountains and the clear waters of the lake, the charming bays and picturesque islands all contribute to a blend of nature hard to surpass.”

* * *

— “The W.P.I. Industrial Conference at Silver Bay,” The Journal of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1922


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