Scout Masters at Silver Bay, 1911


At the Boat House, photo by J.S. Wooley. The man second from the right, seated, is Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946), who founded the Woodcraft Indians in 1902, and in 1910 was instrumental in founding the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) with Dan Beard and Lord Baden-Powell.  To Seton’s left (our right) is John Alexander, the first managing secretary of the Boy Scouts, active in the Philadelphia YMCA, and a founder of the American Youth Foundation (AYF). On Seton’s right (our left) is Preston G. Orwig, Alexander’s assistant in his work with the BSA and YMCA, also a founder of the AYF.

Seton, who liked to go by “Black Wolf,” led the council of chiefs ceremonies and named Alexander “Kinji-Gissis” (Shining Countenance) and Orwig “Wadjepi” (the Nimble One).

My thanks to Sarah Forbes Orwig, granddaughter of Preston Orwig, for sharing this picture and the story behind it.

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