Cook Book, 1912


In 1912, the Silver Bay Chapter of the YWCA, based in Syracuse, N.Y., published a cookbook, printed by that city’s Single Press. The book opened with a poem by Jennie M. Bingham, a former student at Syracuse University who also wrote Annals of the Round Table and Other Stories (1886); a novel, All Glorious Within (1891); The Life of the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury (1899); and religious poetry.


The recipes included those for soups, meats, salads and desserts, and contributors included Mrs. Donald (Mary) Dey (“Scotch Broth”), whose husband was the co-founder of the Dey Brothers department store in Syracuse, and Mrs. Huntington B. (Florence) Crouse (“Raisin Cakes”), whose husband founded the Crouse-Hinds company and gave his name to Huntington B. Crouse Hall at Syracuse University, known to students as H.B.C.  Baker’s Chocolate was good enough to purchase an ad on the back cover.



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