The Tax Snit of 1907

Taxes Feb 1907

In February of 1907, the Silver Bay Association moved to amend its original 1904 act of incorporation and avoid paying New York taxes, saying the association had been organized solely for charitable and religious purposes, and thus should not be subject to the state’s general corporation law.

On February 28th, the Warrensburgh News called the citizens of Hague to arms:

 “If the Silver Bay association should be relieved from taxation, it is claimed by the taxpayers of the town of Hague that they would have to submit to an increase of over ten percent above the present rate of taxation, as the amount assessed against the association for the current year is $29,588, while the total assessed valuation of the town of Hague is only $265,281… The residents of Hague are naturally greatly incensed and do not propose to assume any increased burden of taxation. A taxpayer of Hague writes as follows:

“It is hard to believe that a body of Christian workers could knowingly favor evading their fair share of taxation and ask that it should be put upon the shoulders of those for whom the Silver Bay association is doing practically nothing.”

The Silver Bay Association was granted tax exempt status in 1938.


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