Three More Terzian Postcards


I’ve found three more William Terzian postcards; can’t believe my good fortune. Exterior and interior of the Helen Hughes Chapel…


… and a Terzian of Silas Paine’s stone tower, below, the first I’ve ever seen. As most of Terzian’s postcards were made, as real photo postcards, rather than printed and published, they’re fairly rare.


Could This Possibly Be What I Think It Is?

SB Goose Patrol Patch

Since no one is volunteering… the EMPs who serve as lifeguards also have the unenviable morning task of patrolling the lawn and beach for goose poop, using small buckets and plastic shovels, and sparing the bathers a nasty green stain on their towels or an unexpected slip in their flip-flops. But until now, I had no idea there was a patch for it.