“And last of all I was impressed by the far reaching influence of a conference of this kind. We were on the lake one night, when a steamer from Caldwell stopped at the dock of Silver Bay. We were anchored on the opposite side of the lake and little thought that we would feel the slightest motion of the waves which came from that steamer; nor did we for many minutes until we had forgotten all about them. Suddenly our boat was lifted gently, and then a little more roughly, and had we not taken some precautions it might have had a hole knocked through its side by being thrown against the rocks. So will the waves of influence go from Silver Bay so that even those who have never attended the conference may be touched and strengthened by some message or suggestion given there.”

 — From “Impressions of the Silver Bay Missionary Conference for Young People” by Mrs. Chauncey J. Hawkins, Spencer, Massachusetts, in The Home Missionary, 1903. “Caldwell” was the original name of what is today Lake George Village.


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