Goodman’s Cottage, 1912

Fred S. Goodman was one of the leaders of the first training Institute for YMCA secretaries in 1902 and later principal of the Eastern Association School. In 1902, Fred and has wife, Mary Jeanette Goodman, bought property on Terrace Road and built “a charming rustic camp.” Fred and the family returned to Silver Bay every summer. They had four children. Todd Goodman, like his father and brother Robert, was a lifelong YMCA secretary.

Todd and his wife Maybel inherited the Goodman property and kept it until Henry and Ann Geils bought the house in 1974. They called their place Chipwood. They, too, had a solid claim to the tradition. Hank’s father was an emp at Silver Bay in 1916 and Ann’s mother attended a college conference there at about the same time.

* * *

— Source: Benjamin Van Buren’s Bay by Charles G. Gosselink

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