Matrons and Maidens, 1901

“The meeting place of this council was at the rarely beautiful Silver Bay on the far-famed Lake George. All the varied surroundings tended to make study and pleasure blend naturally. Students, clergymen and business men, teachers, matrons and maidens, were intent upon making the occasion memorable. The hotel was eminently suited to such a convention, with its proprietor in full sympathy, and doing all that was possible to be done to make the gathering a success. The services of song conducted by the host, Mr. Silas H. Paine, will long be remembered…

“A delightful spirit of fellowship and Christian communion pervaded the place. The afternoons were devoted to recreations. It was both amusing and refreshing to see old men and young; ministers, missionary and business men, with the ladies not a few, in the ball games, rowing and swimming matches, tennis and golf games. Each one seemed determined to make all have a happy time. Altogether it was a happy occasion, which the great majority hoped might be repeated in years to come.”

— From “The Council at Silver Bay” by C.H.D. in Light and Life for Woman (1901) published by the Woman’s Boards of Missions


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