Silver Bay in Transition, 1904

In this account from a guidebook of 1904, one can see the Silver Bay Hotel in the midst of its transition from a resort to a conference center, from ownership by the Paine family to ownership by the Silver Bay Association and the YMCA.

Silver Bay Hotel is on the west shore, 22 miles from Caldwell. It is the property of Mr. Silas H. Paine, of New York, who has made this section his summer home for a number of seasons. It commands a wonderfully beautiful stretch of water north and south. Westward the hills rise into Catamount Peak, accessible by trail from the top of which one gets the most magnificent sweep of wilderness scenery to be imagined. North and south along the shore stretch delightful drives through well-shaded ways.

“All steamers land on their trips north and south, while a fleet of pleasure and fishing boats, available for guests of the house, render many a nook and bay easily accessible.

“There are a number of cottages along shore and back belonging to Mr. Paine, which can be had by guests who may prefer them to rooms in the house and where they may do their own housekeeping, or eat a the hotel as fancy may suggest.

“For the season of 1904 Silver Bay will be managed by the Young Men’s Christian Associations and the Young People’s Missionary Movement.

“The Young Women’s Christian Associations of the colleges of the east and Canada will occupy the hotel from June 24 to July 5.

“The City Department of the Young Women’s Christian Associations will have the hotel from July 8 to July 19.

“The Young People’s Missionary Movement will hold their conference from July 22 to August 1. This conference is conducted by the foreign missionary societies of more than fifteen of the principle denominations of the United States and Canada.

“The Young Men’s Christian Associations will occupy the hotel from August 1 to September 15. During this period there will be an institute for the training of men for the secretaryship and physical directorship. It will be open to members of the Young Men’s Christian Associations and their families during this period, for vacation privileges.

“The conference for older boys will be in session August 30 to September 4.

“The hotel is not open to general guests. The prices are nominal and planned only to pay actual running expenses. In opening this hotel to these various enterprises, Mr. and Mrs. Paine have, characteristically, made possible opportunity for recreation combined with the accomplishment of much in these different phases of religious activity.”

— From Saratoga, Lake George and Lake Champlain: A Book of Today (34th edition, 1904) by Seneca Ray Stoddard

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