The New Auditorium

After the first auditorium burnt down, the second (and present) was built using the original plans. Here is a report on its completion from 1909:

“The auditorium rebuilt on the old lines is finished with its clean white maple floor, has 569 generous-sized opera chairs on the ground level, seats nearly as many in the gallery; broad openings on three sides give air, light and easy egress. The three new class buildings are complete and the foundation stone for the See Memorial located in the grove is to be laid in August. All this work has been handsomely put through under the supervision of Mr. Farr whose interest in everything which has to do with Silver Bay is so keen that he refused a flattering offer elsewhere at larger pay. The eight-inch water main with outlets on each floor of the hotel adds a new fire protection.

“The memorial bell presented by Dr. J. Ackerman Coles in memory of his aunt, Mrs. Mary Ackerman Hoyt, bears this inscription, ‘To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of Mrs. Mary S. Ackerman Hoyt. A Gift from Her Nephew, Jonathan Ackerman Coles, AB, AM, MD, LLD, to The Silver Bay Association, N.Y., June 1909. Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth Peace Good Will Toward Men. Luke II:14′”

— From “Silver Bay Is Ready” in Association Men, July 1909


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