Chinese Christian Youth Conference, 1947


The front panel from a brochure for the Fourth Annual Chinese Christian Youth Conference held at Silver Bay in 1947. The chairman was Richard W. Wong of Philadelphia, and of Silver Bay the brochure noted, “Silver Bay is a lovely curve in Lake George. It hugs the cool shore of the lake and is protected at the back by rising hills banked with dark woods. Situated between mountain and lake, it offers the pleasures of both.”

And if that was not enough, “Linen and good beds are provided. There is good food served graciously in the Inn by college girls.”

Alonzo Jinks

Silver Bay Bridge

This photo was most probably taken by Alonzo Laurence Jinks (1885-1967) of LeRoy, New York, some time around 1905-1910. Alonzo was a tall, blue-eyed carpenter, and I wonder if this photo — with its swimmers out on the raft, Slim Point and the old bath house — is actually of the small bridge he himself built, and wanted to remember.

A Letter Home, 1916


A letter from Marion Chase to her mother in Smithtown, New Hampshire, written and sent June 28, 1916, on Silver Bay Association stationery. Miss Chase writes, “Yesterday morning I arose at a most unearthly hour. At what time do you suppose? At 2:30 A.M. And what for? In order to climb Sunrise Mountain. About thirty-five girls in all went. There were six guides. The climb was pretty hard. The view was magnificent, there being 29 ranges of mountains to be seen. The sunrise itself was very ordinary, since there were no beautiful colors preceding it. We got back at about 5:15 and tumbled back into bed.”

Note the view of Jabe’s Pond on the envelope, and the campus and stone tower on the letterhead. I believe the photos are by J.S. Wooley.