Brooks Pavilion

When I heard Brooks Pavilion at Slim Point was named for Louise Brooks, my heart leapt, but soon had to return to its accustomed place. The Pavilion is not named for the charismatic film actress, but rather for Miss Louise Brooks, who served as Secretary for Student Conferences of the National Board of the YWCA.

louisebrooksNot this one…

ywca-poster1… but more like this one.

Miss Louise Brooks was a great champion of Silver Bay’s YWCA conferences; she once noted, “We started to make a list of young women who had graduated from college within the last ten years who are now acting as Secretaries of Mission Boards or in the Young Women’s Christian Association, trying to find out under what experience they had come to a desire for service. But the list was so predominantly directed by our summer conferences that there was practically no exception.”

Brooks was a visitor to colleges such as Smith, Mount Holyoke and Cornell, and in 1913 even went around the world to visit YWCA secretaries in the field. One summer evening at Silver Bay, after showing pictures from her trip, she “made an appeal for our understanding of the unity of Association work the world around, and of the difficulties and loneliness of our secretaries in foreign lands.”

I do know that Brooks Pavilion was raised and dedicated in 1923, with Miss Brooks present, and surely must have been a heart-warming tribute for her.

* * *

Woman’s Work (1914), The Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church

Association Monthly (1914-1915), YWCA

“Y.W.C.A. In Service for the Girls of the World,” poster, 1919; Neysa Moran McMein (1888-1949)

The Silver Bay Story (1952) by E. Clark Wormam


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