Dr. Woozle

I had my heart lifted, broken, and lifted up again today, in the space of five minutes. It took me back to a Silver Bay morning in my room – back when Laurie, Abbie and I were up on the third floor of the Inn – and one of the young women from Housekeeping leaned out of our window and called out to another EMP on the lawn below.

“Leroy!” she shouted. “Leroy!”

And Leroy Hyson squinted up into the morning sky and said, “Who’s that?” She shouted back her name, and he replied, “I thought you were an angel, calling from up in the clouds.” She laughed, and turning from the window, said, “He always makes me happy.”

Leroy, a.k.a. Dr. Woozle, made me happy, too. We all looked forward to him in the EMP Show, and loved just having him around. He was a real part of what made Silver Bay special to us.

So today when I rediscovered Leroy on the Web, my heart leapt. He sings for children. He has a CD. I couldn’t hit the “Buy” button fast enough.

And then I read a note he’d posted: “My name is Leroy Hyson. I am a father of two, an elementary school teacher and a children’s entertainer. I recently lost my wife Tammy to a long battle against breast cancer.”

And my heart broke for this young man (who will always be young for me) and his children. I am so tired of piling up proof that life is unfair. But Leroy wouldn’t let me stay down. I followed a link to another website where he’d left this note:

“I believe Tammy would want you to know that she is all right. She is in the presence of God and taking in everything that Heaven has to offer. I believe she is organizing pre-teen and adolescent programs for the youth spirits that have joined her in heaven. She’ll have them getting into groups discussing the joys and pains of living on earth. I can see Tammy reaching out to the older spirits to get their input on how things have changed over the years. And finally, after her work is done, she will be dancing, singing, shouting, praising and worshiping our Lord.”

Leroy. He was an inspiration then; he is an inspiration now. God bless him.

Rediscover Leroy and buy his CD at www.hysonproductions.com


Leroy was so cool he had his own postcard, by Dean Color, Glens Falls, N.Y.

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