Paulos Mar Gregorios at Silver Bay, 1962


At the Silver Bay Conference on the Christian World Mission, July 10-17, 1962, Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios (1922-1997) delivered a lecture entitled, “The Mission of the Church in South Asia.”

Paul Albrecht wrote of Father Paul, “A forceful and often acerbic speaker, he sometimes stimulated and annoyed his audiences in about equal proportions.” We don’t know how he was received at Silver Bay, but we do know that he believed passionately in interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

Father Paul was a representative of the Orthodox faith across the world, a Biblical scholar and teacher, and a president of the World Council of Churches. As an ecclesiastic of one of the ancient churches of Christendom, he sought to relate his oriental Orthodox theological heritage to the ecumenical movement.

He once said, “Experience shows that the deeper we go into our respective religions, the more clearly we find that basic love of God and love for all humanity which should unite us all. The more rooted one is in one’s own tradition, the freer and more secure one becomes in facing our fellow human beings and finding our unity in God and in our shared aspirations.”

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