The Ice Gorge

I recently read of an ice gorge near Silver Bay, mentioned twice in writings about the early 1900s, and I am wondering if anyone knows how to get there. Here are the two citations:

“It was not until the fall of 1902, that I was aware that it (Braun’s Holly Fern) grew near the shores of Lake George. One evening while calling at the home of Prof. J.F. Kemp, of Columbia University, who had been doing field work in geology during the summer in the vicinity of Silver Bay, Prof. Kemp laid out on the floor a magnificent complete pressed specimen with fronds two feet long, which he had collected on the talus in the Ice Gorge north west of Silver Bay at an altitude of about 1500 feet. This fine specimen is preserved in my herbarium. Prof. Kemp said the fern was not common in this cool ravine where ice may be obtained from beneath the rocks until late in the summer.”

— From “Braun’s Holly Fern” by Stewart H. Burnham in American Fern Journal: A Quarterly Devoted to Ferns (American Fern Society), v.4 no. 1, January-April 1914

“The lake, of course, was the first attraction, for fishing, swimming, and boating. Rowboats and canoes were standard equipment. For longer trips, many families had what seem to us now to be elegant wooden motorboats. Old photographs attest to the picnics at Odell, Vicars, and Paradise Bay and camping on the islands. There were hikes to Jabes Pond and the Ice Gorge, camping trips to Pharaoh (walking all the way from Graphite Mountain), and blueberry picking on Tongue Mountain.”

From Benjamin Van Buren’s Bay (2002) by Charles G. Gosselink

Anyone know any more about the ice gorge?

2 thoughts on “The Ice Gorge

  1. Hi Kihm,
    My family has a number of mentions of the Ice Gorge in the family stories and photos. If you haven’t already spoken to Chuck Gosselink, he is a good resource, and is at Silver Bay much of the summer. If not, my Uncle Paul Penfield may know its location. I will be Emping in the summer of 2017, if you want my help connecting these resources.

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