Now the Day Is Over

“I was late to delegation meeting and was stumbling along the road in the fragrant darkness near Forest Inn, but suddenly I came to a turn in the road into which stole threads of music from all sides. With one hand on a cool tree trunk, I stood quite still for a moment. Down the hill at my left, I could see the faint glimmer of white dresses on the steps of a cottage. They were singing ever so softly but the tenor rose true and sweet above the rest. “Night is drawing nigh,” you know those four climbing notes. Back of me in the depths of the woods I could hear a broken fragment of “Savior, breathe an evening blessing.” Far down the hill from the boathouse came just a breath of music. I could not know what it was but somehow they all blended. The campus was alive with low singing voices. Lingeringly they died away and, still standing there, I knew that hearts were being lifted in grateful prayers. Hark from the shadowy treetops the whip-poor-will. How can we hear one again and not think of good-night time at Silver Bay.”

— “Silver Bay” in Association Monthly, YWCA, 1915

Postcard photo by Jesse Sumner Wooley; “Now the Day Is Over” and “Savior Breathe an Evening Blessing” are both available on iTunes.


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