Delta Gamma at Silver Bay, 1903

“We of Psi (chapter) so much enjoyed meeting our Syracuse Delta Gamma, Maude Reynolds, who exchanged college and fraternity experiences with us while we drifted idly on the lovely Silver Bay in front of the hotel. No one who has been to Silver Bay can deny the marvelous inspiration of the place itself. It is a perfect joy to be there. The Association could not well have chosen a more beautiful spot and who would doubt the spirited influence of the beauty which God puts all around us. Isn’t it always easier to be good in the presence of wooded hills, a blue, blue lake, and a sky above which is even a deeper blue? Can one get out of bed on the wrong side when from both sides there is the view of a cloud-capped mountain from which the mist slowly rises and grows thinner as the glory of the sun breaks through? Surely none could have found a more inspiring home for a conference.”

— “Silver Bay Conference” by Margaret Morris in the Anchora of Delta Gamma Sorority (1903)


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