My daughter tells me I should include more stories, so here’s this one, from about 20 years ago:

One of my fondest memories of Silver Bay is an afternoon at the beach, at Slim Point, that was interrupted by a thunderstorm. The sky above was clear and beautiful, but a huge cloud suddenly appeared from behind the mountain at our backs, and the thunder was audible from miles away as the storm approached. We scrambled to get everything together and I put Abbie up on my shoulders, carrying her as fast as I could to the Inn. We got to the front steps just as the rain began, and ran up to the room to check the windows. The wind was blowing from the other direction so no rain was coming in. Abbie and I laid on the bed together and watched the storm roll over the Inn, over Silver Bay, over the lake, and on to the mountains beyond, oooing and ahhing with each lightning strike. It was one of my favorite moments of fatherhood, being able to share the excitement and wonder of a really beautiful storm in a really beautiful place with my little girl, who had never seen anything like it.

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