Pano with Callouts

In July of 1909, Wallace writes, “Regards to everyone, including the cat.”


Who Dat?

Terzian Group WEB

I recently acquired a stack of William Terzian photographs; he took many photos and created many postcards of Silver Bay from the mid-1930s through the mid-1940s. I’m especially curious about the group photo above and the rehearsal photo below. If you have any idea who these people might be, or what play they were rehearsing, do contact me at

Terzian Rehearsal

The Steward’s Son


On the back, Gladys writes, “This is little Carl Edhlund, the steward’s son. Isn’t he a dear?” This would be Carl Eric Edhlund Jr. (1908-1959). His parents came from Sweden in 1904, and eventually settled in Buffalo, where Carl Sr. served as the steward of the Buffalo General Hospital for 27 years.

Posted August 30, 1912. Photo by Jesse Sumner Wooley.