Postcards of Fort Ticonderoga with a Silver Bay postmark are common. This one, printed in Germany for H.R. Hulett in Ticonderoga, was posted in July of 1908 and mailed to Michigan with this message:

“Mr. Farr and I are here at Silver Bay on Lake George enjoying the pleasant company of his brothers and the beautiful scenery. This picture is one of the historic points near here that we shall see next week. Hope you are both well. Sincerely, Jessie and Farr”


To Scotland


In July of 1911, Marion writes to Ida Whiteside at the Old Waverly Hotel in Edinburgh, “Does this look familiar to you? I often think of you here. It is very lovely, isn’t it? I know you are all having a fine time together & I wish I could see you too. Do write when you can. Much love to you.”